Smart Home Connectivity

Connectivity is the backbone of any smart home. By combining modern connectivity options, such as commercial-grade access points, secure routers and 5G backup connections we can ensure your smart home enjoys fast, reliable, secure and always-available internet connections for all your devices.

We can make your home stay connected via WiFi, Bluetooth or wired when required.

The benefits

Managing all of your home devices from one place. The convenience factor here is enormous.

Improved appliance functionality. For example on an exceptiónally hot day, you can order your house to close down to make it cooler before you get home from work

Remote monitoring enableling real-time check-ins on various elements of your home and property.

Motion detection Activating only when motion is detected, this technology saves time, battery life, memory, storage, and energy.

Appliance safety. Providing real-time monitoring for dangers such as leaving on a hot stove, grill, or oven

Leak Detection & Flood Sensors. Receive real-time mobile alerts to help react before large and costly damages.

We sell, install and support with top quality & trusted connectivity vendors

Our technology works well with Alexa, Google assistant & Apple Home Kit.

Guaranteed Service Satisfaction

We provide you services and set up from start to end:

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